Donate and help support Bear Head Road

`Interested In Having a Bear Head on your Platte County, MO Property?

Do you have Trees or other permnint structure along the Roadside of your Platte County, MO property?  

Please Fill out the Form at bottom to get on the list.  There is no charge for Bear Heads as long as you plan on looking after, Naming, and sharing the stories around your Bear Head.  The Bear Heads are not for sale and should not be removed.  The Bear Head is installed by the carver using Timber Screws that do not hurt the tree.  The Bears Heads are never handed over to a 2nd person, but installed on a Platte County Tree along Road side Property for the public to enjoy.  Oustside of Platte County but still in the KC Metro Area?  See Below


The Bear Heads are created in the free time and are usually carved in groups.  Depending on your location and the Bear Heads ready to install it make take several months before Your Bear Head is installed.

Want a Bear Head soon? 

The best was to jump to the top of the list is to help out with the cost of Timer Screws , Exterior Paint, Fuel, Sanding abrasives, Sealers, etcis by Donating thru the website or directly contacting the Carver.  Donations also increase the number of Bear Heads added to the project by removing its largest obstacle.  Cost of Supplies.

 .and only install them in person along public roads for all to enjoy.  The trees are not affected by the install. 

How much to Donate?  

That's up to you. Every amount helps add Bear Heads and is greatly appreciated.  All donators will be processed and handled  before normal requests.  Just like you might expect.  The higher the amount the higher on the list.  See Donate button at top and be sure to fill out the form below so we have your details.

100% of Donations (after processing fee from web host)  goes into the Bear Heads. Thanks you for your support and I hope this solution works for everyone looking to have a Bear Head along their property for the public to enjoy.

Outside of Platte County, MO but in the KC Area?

The goal was to create a unique Experience for Platte County Residents and Visitors.  After The 4/10/16  KC Star Article there has been numerous requests by people outside of Platte County.  Because there is a Bear Head in Minneapolis, Minnesota and one in Lucas, KS.  The thought of taking a couple to install on a trip to Japan has crossed my mind.   If the Carver can Install it,  Why not have more Bear Head distant cousins.    So If your outside of Platte County in the KC Metro Area, Go ahead and fill out the request Below.  If I find myself headed that way, I willl do my best to make it happen.  Add a Donation of $50 and well make it happen as soon as the newest group is finished, $75 and you stand out enough to get my next block of free time to drive your way in the KC Area.  Make a donation of $100 and I will head to the shop this weekend just to make sure you get a Bear Head as soon as possible,  let you suggest a color or give you a choice from the group that was finished last.  Live far away,  Sorry,  I do not let the Bear Heads out of our custody.  If I visit your area I may be able to help you out.  



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