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Bear Head #97.  Carved from Cedar it was a shame to paint it Lime Green.  But sometimes these things happen for the greater good?   (Out of Stain)  The Color Lime Green because the Bear Head Factory ran out of colors other than Tacky Tan, Brown, Mustard, Grey, Several more greys, a Blue that looks more like moldy bread and a dark Purple that I refuse to ever use again.  

Did buy a Gallon of Outside Red to Paint this full size Bear.  Looks Like I will have to try and get some more colors or all the pictures above will be of Red Bear Heads.  Don't be Surprised to see more of the Ugly colors in the future.  You have been Warned!  (I forgot this list counts down, too late).





BEAR HEAD #93  One of the smallest Bear Heads for a smaller tree.   There are over 125 Bear Heads carved and I have fallen behind posting them all.  


BEAR HEAD #88  A new road for the Bear Heads to conquer.  The property owners are part of a garden club with another Bear Head Property supporter.  Always looking for new places in Platte County on well traveled public roads.


BEAR HEAD #86  On a Busy County Road.  Be careful there is a sharp corner near by.  Don't drive off the road searching for this one.


BEAR HEAD #83  Heart on the chest.  Often the OOPS Paint colors don't match the ideas in the head.  All the Paint up to this point is from the mistake shelf of a Big Box Stores at $7 a gallon.  Feel free to use the donate button at the bottom of this page or on the About page to help support Bear Head Road.


BEAR HEAD #82 Bright Yellow with Dots.  Quick carved.  At Some point a couple years into this community art project it was decided that the quality and paint jobs on the Bear Heads should not be the highest quality.  Most all the Bear Heads are seen from a far and often from a car passing by.  The more sanding and sharper the paint jobs increases the odds of Bear Heads being stolen.  Bear Head #82 was carved and painted.  You can see all the cut marks and flaws if you look closely.   As much as i would love to have them all sanded and looking perfect, they are based on the Folk Art of the Appalachians and rough up-close helps deter theft.


BEAR HEAD #80 Faces down at the street.  Thats because its on an over hanging branch watching Bear Head #65 which had been stolen and then returned after a Police Report was filed in 2015.  To look after #65 when it was reinstalled.  Bear Head #80 was place above almost as a joke to see if anyone notices the pair on a tree.


BEAR HEAD #74 "unnamed" Many of the Bear Heads are in plan sight but they just blend in.  #74 is so hard to find there is a good chance you will not see it if your looking right at her.  So GOOD LUCK Bear Head Searchers.  She is on a busy road and will turn her head and laugh at you as you drive by looking.  Unobstruced from the East her tree will block your view when coming from the west.


BEAR HEAD #72 "unnamed" Bright Pink and on a major Platte County Road.  Its hard to believe how may miss this one.  When the property owner was asked for permission, his reply was, "I want to see how long it takes my wife to notice"    Not sure he has noticed its up.


BEAR HEAD #70 "unnamed"  Looks right down a street and will see you before you she her unless your speeding by.


BEAR HEAD #69 unnamed  with such a wild paint job she is near many others.  A good easy find


BEAR HEAD  #68  Blocked by a tree you have to pay attention to find him.  This one is a simple find.


BEAR HEAD #67 Country Highway looking after one of Platte County's Bravest.  So close you would have to work hard at missing it.


BEAR HEAD #66  Hung on a busy country road. He can be see coming from the east.  Most speed by and never notice.


Bear Head #65 (to be named)

She ran thru the snow on a cold 7° morning and found a quiet corner In Platte Woods were she could watch the local Police, from a block away, go after speeders on their way to the Screen House.

In 2015 #65 was taken forcefully from its tree.  The property owner was ready to press charges when they found the culprits and suddenly #65 was returned.

Also see #80

More photos on BHR's Facebook Page



Bear Head #64.  Bright Orange She is hard to Miss. 


Bear Head #63 Big Hoss.  The Largest Bear Head to Date.  For it size few manage to see it as they get on the interstate.


Bear Head#62  "Bobsey Bear" (45 Hwy) May 2013.

(Porter Rd) March 2014


This Bear Head jumped from one Tree to another so Bobsey could see down the Road.


Update:  This Bear Head has played such a special roll in The home Owners life, so much so that wallet sized trading cards had been made up with Bobsey Bear's Picture and give out to friends.

Unfortunately Bobsey Bear Head lost her first homeowner in 2014 and has moved on to stay with family and is no longer on 45 Hwy. She remains in public view in Platte County, MO


Bear Head #61 1 of the 3,  5 Brothers are in Parkville. The other 2 are not far from Parkville City Limits.  Several People walk buy him daily and forget he is there.  To find #61 your going to need to look inside a Community that rhymes with Swiss. good luck, you'll need it!


Bear Head#60 he last of the 5 Brother to be Hung.  He was in no hurry to look over a less traveled Road.


Bear Head#59 He has a Name but I am not sure what it is?  One of the Five Brothers.  Five Bears Heads in the same style carved on the same day nick named the Five Brothers 58-62.  He looks off into the Country a the beauty of Platte County.


Bear Head#54 "Named ???" (Moore Rd) April 2013. This Rainbow Bear with aof pinch White Star Speckel was painted by local girl. Her younger sister painted Bear Head No. 28.


Bear Head#50  "unnamed" Bright Pink Nose and a Blue Body.  Can be found in a large Yard near a Lake.  


Bear Head#47 Bright Yellow.  In the Sprint it is surrounded with Yellow Flowers.  She is easy to Find and the view ain't bad either.  She must have a splitting head ache.


Bear Head#46 Glass Eyes and No Fur.


Bear Head#42 Donated to

Maryville R-II Educational Foundation in April 2013.

Photo by Kelley Baldwin



Bear Head#40 "The Coca Cola Bear"  Farley Hampton Rd.

When you run low on paint you look for things to nail on to give her color. Half way covered and some paint was found.  It was a good thing as it may have taken the rest of Winter to finish covering this Bear with Soda Cans.  Note: I liked this idea of covering a Bear Head with Metal that I tried it again. Bear Head No. ??, it is taking so long to "Side" her with thin Soda Can Aluminum she may never see the light of day but the concept is being used with old computer parts and Electronics gadgets like old VCRs / Satellite revivers.

The Bear Heads have left Moore Rd. this is the second Bear Head off Moore Rd.


Bear Head#39 "Philbob Durbus" Named by the Father and Son Philbob Durbus looks after.  Her Big Ears were inspired by an early Bear Head with tall Bunny like Ears.


Bear Head#36. "Fuzzy Buttons" Baker Rd.  The community is encouraged to take part in Bear Head Road by help painting Bear Heads.  No 36 was painted by a teenager nicked named Fuzzy Buttons. It took her two weeks to locate it on the road.

Bear Head#35 "unnamed" Hillsboro Rd.


Shes bright Green and for a smaller Bear Head she realy screams out as people drive by.


Bear Head#30 "Unnamed"


Bear Head#28 "Pinky Pie" (Moore Rd)  The 3 Year Old Girl who painted this Bear Head said "When this Bear Head Grows up it will be called Horsey" Her sister paint Bear Head #54.


Bear Head#25. JBear Head#25. Jolly Trade Bear Head.   The Bear Heads are not for sale.  Before the project grew into the 100's this guy was traded for a 7 foot Jolly Green Giant with his friend Sprout.  This is one of 4 not on the Roads.


Bear Head#23  (unnamed) She took a trip over to Goodland, KS and back. She left a Bear Head in Lucas KS and made it back before Spring of 2013



Bear Head#22.  Currently at the Lucas Grass Roots Art Center in Lucas, KS.  If you love Folk Art,  your missing a wonderful Museum.  


Bear Head#21 "Lee Roth". Inspired by the Cover Art on David Lee Roth Solo Album back in the 19080's


UPDATE:  February 2013 there are almost 45 Bear Heads Carved.  Not bad for starting in Late November 2012.


Thank you so much to all the Neighbors for your support making Moore Road the most unique road in the state of Missouri.



Bear Head#20 Lemon Lime Bear. the second bear without a solid color.


Bear Head#19 "Aggitated Angus" Named by the Kids this Bear looks over. Kids say "he" looks like an Angry Bear.


Bear Head#18  "New Year's Bear". Not happy with how my skills were improving, I did this little 6.5 inch in diameter log as fast as I could out of frustration.  Skipped a lot of details like rounding the top of the nose and carving eyes.  Bound for the burn pile for sure! Save at the last minute, testing out a new Bright yellow paint. She ended up low on a tree about a foot off the ground that sticks out next to the road.  I did not want a bear to get stolen from such a easly reached spot from a passing car.  So she was saved from the fire pit of doom with some painted eyes to face the late night Teenage Bat Gangs and possible Bear Head Theifs.  UPDATE: Stolen from Private Property!


Bear Head#17 . Hidden in plan sight.  She is along the road and gets covered over in summer folage.   Even in winter she is hard to find and bleeds in like a sniper.  Good luck find her.  Hint:  She's on Moore.


Bear Head#16.   #16 likes to Model and pose for photos.  A photograph taken by a young woman living near #16 won her a photo contest.   The Derek Zealander of Bear Heads.  Keep a look out for his Blue Steel.


Bear Head#15. "Fat Ear" Orange and Blue. Some think it looks red.  That's not a good thing as she is in front ofa Tiger Fan.  This area is mixed with clashing fans from Mizzou and Lawrence. These Bear Head are Bearcat fans and don't want any part of that!


Bear Head#14. "Dusty"  Navy and Gold. A charming young college girl managed to brand this bear with a "L" when The Bear Head was sleeping. Not Cool!  Named Dusty because she sits on the corner and gets coated with gravel dust


Bear Head#13 "unnamed" she is working with No.12 protecting an old school house from para trooping Russians and the local Teenage Baseball Bat Gang.

BH#8 covers them both from afar (few feet) away.


Bear Head#12. She looks over an old School House on a corner.


Bear Head#11. This Bear Escaped the Bear Head Road. One of Four Bear Heads carved but not found on the Road. Pink Bear is Protecting a girl in Platte County.


Bear Head#10.   "Jacks" This Bear Head Protects a mail box that has been crushed one too many times by the local Teenage Baseball Bat Gang.  Now the mailbox is safe under her watch!


Bear Head#09 "unnamed". After this photo, she has gained some pretty big cracks. Adding a lot of character to her tough charm. Wood cracks. If you ask any chainsaw carver they will offer you a 100% Guarantee on your purchase.  A Guaranteed to crack.


Bear Head#08. "Not Seen Much" Bear Head.  She is a few feet back and blends in to her crorner. Look for the Red Tongue.  She is Stained dark brown with a black nose.


Bear Head#07  "Melancholy Molly"  She is looking straight down. The neighborhood boy say its because of the Aggitated Angus next to her.


Bear Head#06

The Green One in the top right.One of Four Bear Heads not on Moore Rd. This one made it's way up to Minnesota.

Bear Head#05  "Overlooked Bear" Pink / White Nose.  The name says it all. Most of the Neighbors have overlooked seeing this bear. Few see it!  I too forget it there until i remember to look and check on her.

Bear Head#4

Bear Head#04. "Bunny Bear".  Pink with White Poke A Dots / White Nose.  Bunny Bear is the first thing people think of when the see those tall ears.  You have herd of a Honey Bear, Sugar Bear and A Poppa Bear but this goofy mistake create a true original.

While carving the bears face A mistake was made.  Starting over lower in the log and never cutting off the tops of the now long ears created a new hybrid species.

After the Long Nose Bear I decided to leave these crazy deformed ears.  I am sure the little girls that live near by has cursed me for this mutation.

So it Begins!  The First Bear Head carved from non rotten,  Nice Wood. First Bear Head far from home. First Bear Head without a flat paint Job. First Bear Head finished with Water Protection. First Bear Head out of my protection and on a neighbors property.  This might be the beginning of many more to come.

Bear Head #03 "Long Nose". Baby Blue / White. She was a Y Log, thats were the long nose came from. One of the neighborhoods favorite. At this point i have only carved 6 small items with a Chainsaw. At the time I did not like this bear as the nose was too ugly.  UPDATE: Stolen from Private Property!

Bear Head  #02. "Rotten Bear"  It was a big piece of rotten FirewoodI stole from my cousins bon fire pile. When i found it full of bugs it was the last piece her Firewood I swiped.  UPDATE: Stolen from Private Property!

Bear Head  #01. She started it all.   Her red tongue out is copied by most all the other bears.  Brown because that was the only paint around.  IIt all started with a rotten log used for Chainsaw Carving practice.  Escaping the burn pile she managed to find her way up on a tree where other Practice carvings followed.


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